I saw him; just a glance was enough to get hold of my attention. There were many faces some were known and to some, I guess I have never paid enough attention. I even saw my friend waving at me, but I just didn’t want to lose him from my sight. The feeling was so new to me. I couldn’t take my eyes from him. I was talking to my friend but constantly trying to see him through the corner of my eyes. But I couldn’t find him. I felt hysteric, I just wanted to see that face again.

I saw him again; this time I noticed what was so attractive about him, his smile. So pure it was, so innocent it appeared on its face. The sun rays fell on his face and cheeks became red. He kept on looking back and so did I. I wanted to ask his name. I wanted to talk to him and know more about him. But something stopped me. I still do not know what exactly made me think I should I have a conversation with him. And most importantly what made me stop.

Was it fear of the unknown or the fear of stumbling up with my words? I am still searching for the answer as I walk back. The feeling keeps lingering in my mind. I can still picture him. Now when I recall the entire episode in my mind I get a clear picture. The actual reason as to why I couldn’t take my eyes from him. The reasons were his hands. The hands that pulled the trolley loaded with heaps of sacks. The hands, that pulled it all the way. The sun rays burned his bare hands… which made his face glow only to make it look like on burning fire. Eyes as black as coal; and hands as strong as iron.

I didn’t pity him or his condition. Instead, I pitied all those who walked by him, all of us who carried our own stacks of books. The hands that pulled the trolley didn’t complain about. His eyes pierced into our conscience. His smile mocked us. He mocked the society who was so ignorant about the reality. It mocked all of us, who dragged their feet and complained about the hardships we have in our lives. It was a mockery on the burdens we claim to carry on our shoulders from the time the sun rises and carry it till it goes into hiding. His hands pulled away from the burdens of society without questioning it.



Life as an individual

It often happens that certain circumstances change our perception towards a certain thing.
Humans are social animals but the amount of influence that a certain thing in the society or family has on that human as an individual is again upon him/her.
According, to me everybody has emotions. Some display and some hold it back deep within. There is no such thing, that a certain individual has more or fewer emotions than the other.
Emotions should be dealt with, very carefully. Sometimes our emotions take an upper hand in our ability of logic & reasoning.
I have seen relationships break due to emotions.
It is often very important to separate a certain relation we have with a person to the emotion we hold for him/her.
A real life example that I have seen myself is one which will make you rethink about, are your emotions are a reason for your relationships downfall?
It all began when everybody was overwhelmed to hear these words, “They are husband and wife hereafter. “
As they walked out of the church, all they could hear was “Oh! Now that is a perfect couple.”
A year later the couple was blessed with an angel.
At the hospital, the man, who’s a father now, takes his daughter in his arm and cries out in joy, “You are a blessing baby, you light up my world.”
What a feeling isn’t it when that one person makes you feel happy and makes you realize that sense of responsibility you hold towards him/her. It was the same that day, he had a thousand emotions towards that one relation. He named his daughter Kiara.
Years passed, now Kiara was a big girl. She now had the sense and ability to understand and decide things on her own.
Her parents were going through a bad phase in their marriage.
They used to fight with each other every day.
During this period her mother used to tell all she felt to Kiara.
Whereas her father kept her away from what he felt, Kiara now started misunderstanding her father’s silence. She thought all the problems were caused because of her father.
But maybe she should have spoken to him once? Maybe it wasn’t his fault? According to me, every person has his/her version of the truth, before deciding something we should hear both the sides of a story. We usually do not do this but think about it, what if it saves a relationship? Why do we mix up one relationship with another?
Kiara had been hearing her mother since the last 10  months now. She was totally fed up and had an emotion of hatred towards her father.
It was one of those sulky August evenings and her parents were again fighting over something. She felt disgusted and without even thinking logically she went up to her father and screamed out in anger, “Father I hate you! You are responsible for all our unhappiness.”
She slammed the door and went away; She never spoke to him again.
It’s her father’s Funeral today…
She sit’s by the window sill and tears roll down her cheeks.
A box in her hands with a lot of papers…
Re-think Papers or Emotions or the long-lost father daughter relationship…?
Those hundreds of papers contained a thousand emotions which Kiara’s father had kept within himself; For her father, she was the reason to go on in life…maybe writing down all his emotions that his father had for Kiara was his punishment, more than he deserved.
Give it a thought…Why can’t we be INDIVIDUALS?